Need some testing on my app

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Need some testing on my app

Post by inthebrilliantblue »

Ive made a weather app that returns weather based on zip codes. I will add other countries to this app as soon as I learn what they are based on and when I have the time. If theres any US users here, try your zip code and post how incorrect or correct or corrupted the data is. I would try to test all the zip codes but thats just impossible.
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Re: Need some testing on my app

Post by Benjamin »

Pretty neat. My zip worked fine.

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Re: Need some testing on my app

Post by bradbury »

awesome app. i really like this. well done.
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Re: Need some testing on my app

Post by pickle »

You get a nasty error when I try to find the weather for "Zip Code". Maybe throw a file_exists() call in there first.

Also, maybe just a UI thing, but I'd put the zip code I just searched for, back in the text field, rather than reverting to "Zip Code". Finally, when clicking in that box, it'd be nice if all the text became selected, so I don't have to select it all to delete, or hit the delete button multiple times.

If you're interested in expanding to Canada, Environment Canada maintains a list of XML files that are regularly (as in, every hour or so) updated. The individual files are obscurely named, but there is a mapping XML file that converts city names & provinces to a code that gives you the filename.

The root of the site is here:

For Camrose, Alberta (for example), the "site code" is "s0000311" and the province code is "AB", so the English weather feed for Camrose, Alberta is located at ... 0311_e.xml
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Re: Need some testing on my app

Post by wangxiaoyu »

pretty neat, i like this kind. :D
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