sending a multipart mail with html template in version 4.0.4

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sending a multipart mail with html template in version 4.0.4

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Hello good fellas
I'm trying to send a multipart email with the html part from an html template.
i've successfully used the decorator plugin to send plain text mail.
1 from the documentation on the version 3 there is the Swift_File class that can do the job.It's seems not present here, where is it's successor?
how to add the html part which is a file?
2 the second problem arise where i have images in that template.So i believe that template should be a php file.Then should i create another Swift_Message object in there to be able to use the embed property?

3. need some proper way to handle exceptions
here is part of my code.

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//this is inside my function sendMessage() with plenty argument for the $replacement variable $themessage is the text with placeholder to be sent
//mailer, message and transport object are set in the constructor
$decorator = new Swift_Plugins_DecoratorPlugin($replacement);
        echo $this->mailer->send($this->message);
        } catch (Exception $ex)
                       //will figure out something about this part
            echo "Error sending the message";
so fellas that's about it how will you do that ?Please let me know what you think, and thanks for reading
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