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Photo Album

Post by profwacko2009 »

Hi there,

I have a straightforward question. I am wondering if anybody knows of an open-source photo album (preferably written in PHP) that can be easily integrated into a web site.

Many thanks.
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Re: Photo Album

Post by it2051229 »

you mean something like phpBB a ready made forum but what you're looking for a is something like phpBB but for photo albums?
anyways, I did a search on google and I saw a lot of result:

The google keyword I've used for searching: PHP Photo Album
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Re: Photo Album

Post by pickle »

Gallery or Coppermine are the two most popular.
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Re: Photo Album

Post by ldougherty »

Gallery is a great product but pretty complex depending on how simple of a product you want.

Are you looking to integrate the gallery into a forum like phpbb or vbulletin or have a standalone gallery?

Try this, 500+ examples to choose from. ... galleries/
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Re: Photo Album

Post by jadelee »

Thank you so much. It is exactly what i've been looking for! :arrow:


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