Rasterise an SVG image as a PNG using PHP

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Rasterise an SVG image as a PNG using PHP

Post by batfastad »

Hi guys

Just wondering if anyone's had any experience with rasterising SVG graphics files using PHP?

I've heard that it can be done using the Imagemagick library. Unfortunately my host doesn't have Imagemagick installed - only GD.

Does anyone know if it's possible?
Or have any examples of sites that are doing this?

SVG support in browsers is thin on the ground at the moment unfortunately.
I thought a good spot of work to do for one of my clients would be to take all his SVG files and make his site use them. At the moment the images used are really low-quality jpg files so it would be good to take these SVG images and rasterise them somehow.

Any ideas?
I've been searching around using google and can't find too much info.


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Post by Christopher »

Pasting you thread title into Google gave me this page. Maybe there is something there.
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