finding a point on line

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finding a point on line

Post by bugthefixer »

i have a line whose starting pointis
and its ending point is

suppose if there are 8 equal division on that line, so now i want to
find the point in terms of (x,y) which is 4 divisions away from start

is there any php function which can do that for me.
or if anybody can tell me any code for doing that.
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Post by AVATAr »

I think is more a math (algebra?) question than a php one... Search for Euclides.!!!.. (
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Post by pickle »

This might work.

Code: Select all

//divide the rise and the run by 8,
$rise = 78 - 56;
$run = 44 - 23;
$rise_segment = $rise/8;
$run_segment = $run/8;

$fourth_section_x = 23 + ($run_segment * 4);
$fourth_section_y = 56 + ($rise_segment * 4);
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