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Post by ol4pr0 »

Kinda having difficulty finding me the right size.

Is there something like a default size with which you start making the template?

Using photoshop not dream.. mx

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Post by feyd »

huh? can you explain what you're trying to do?
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Post by Draco_03 »

if you talking about web design..
if you want to make your website optimized for 800x600 px
you create a template that has 752 X 450 (work pc & mac).. ths way you will have NO scroll bar whatsoever.

ps : if it's in informative website that is intended to be seen by all sort of people, go aheahd , make optimize for 800x600 ( there is like 50% of browser that uses still this size, most are old people :P ) though experimental site are usually optimize 1024 x 780.
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