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PostPosted: Sat May 13, 2006 3:40 pm 
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Y0, time for another phat "why the hell would I ever need that" release by yours truly!

This is a simple, and I do mean simple, php script to remove UTF-8 BOMs from files in the cwd.

Since most web browsers, text editors don't show the BOM, I recommend you copy and paste this useless code into a terminal type editor like ... "pico" (you know vi sucks).

Syntax: [ Download ] [ Hide ]
#!/usr/bin/php -q



   Description: Script to Remove Byte Order Marks (BOM) from UTF-8 Files in Current Working Directory

   Q. What Is A BOM?


   Usage: 1. Copy this script into a directory with files to check for BOM's.

          2. Make it executable (chmod +x defusebom.php)

          3. Execute (./defusebom.php)


$cwd        = dirname(".");

$dh         = opendir($cwd);

$haystack   = "";    // Initialized

$needle     = ""; // DO NOT EDIT

$reportonly = FALSE; // Set to TRUE to Only Report Which Files Have a BOM

while (false !== ($file = readdir($dh))) {

    if (!is_dir("$cwd/$file") && $file != basename($_SERVER["PHP_SELF"])) {

        $haystack = file_get_contents("$cwd/$file");

        if (substr_count($haystack, $needle)) {

            if (!$reportonly) {

                // Uh oh, a BOM was found, defuse it!

                $newfile = str_replace($needle, "", $haystack);

                if (is_writable("$cwd/$file")) {

                    // Open File For Writing

                    $handle = fopen("$cwd/$file", "w");

                    fwrite($handle, $newfile);


                    echo "Defused BOM In: ".$file."\n";

                } else {

                    echo "File: ".$file." had a BOM that couldn't be defused.\n";


            } else {

                echo "File: ".$file." Has a BOM!\n";






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