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Hey there

I am just wondering if there is anyone with some php - javascript background who would like to collaborate on a project. Let me give some background...

I have an educational platform built in php using codeigniter, and I am planning to integrate some deep gaming into the system. It is a team based game environment similar to alpha wars, which uses the psychology of a peer based MMORPG as both a user acquisition and retention tool, as well as an environment where users will enjoy the learning process.

I already have the quiz engine, the user management, socket functionality with chat, the test engine, and a lot more set up, but it is time to start working on the game integration. There may be a time when it becomes a revenue positive operation, where development is funded through program use, but for now, it would be good just to get a guy that works well with me in building out the game system.

I live in Korea and teach both Math and Science for a living. In my circle of professional associates, all the content for elementary through 1st or 2nd year university curriculum (Math - Science - English) is within my sphere of resources to be able to build it all out, as far as the learning material. I am looking at this as maybe a year or so of coding before I can go revenue generative with it. The game system is key.

I hope I don't irritate anyone with a post like this. If anyone would like to help, it will be a plodding, steady kind of thing, not a lightning strike burden. I would welcome any interested response.

Thanks sincerely,
Jeff Rogers

ps - Check the gameplay here - I don't want a war game, but the sophistication and general player mix-up is close to what I want --
pps - here is my website. You can't get into the admin side, and the system is pretty large for you to explore without a guided tour, but go ahead and take a look if you like.
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