PHP Text based MMORPG Game

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PHP Text based MMORPG Game

Post by magic8ball1 »

Hi there,
I previously ran a text based on-line game 8 years ago that was relatively successful ( I sold it)
I have now recovered most of the code/database from the game and would like to start up something new with some ideas I have.
Last time I partnered with someone with much better coding ability that myself (I'm more creative with game play), I can co do basic code and database lookups and learn pretty fast, but nothing advanced or for the last 8 years.

I am looking for another partner with PHP/MySQL, HTML 5 and maybe some graphics or mobile experience with some spare time to help me develop the game and update/change it. The revenue will be 50/50 split after expenses i.e. server, once the game is fully running.(The previous game took just over a year to earn over £4,000 monthly).

Ideally UK based, but I am open to overseas with the ease of connecting through Skype etc.

Initially it would require the code to be updated to latest PHP version, checked for bugs and change the game play to my new ideas. Once it is up and running and Beta tested, then look at updating new features/mobile and graphic interfaces.
The game will be similar to Torn City, but with a different theme.
Thanks for your time, please PM me if you are interested.
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