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Free PHP MySQL generator

Post by jamesmiddz »

Why not try this out...

I was a little tired of passing strings back and forth from form to database, etc, so I developed this online generator to speed things up a little.

Originally, I designed it for my own use and then invited a few friends to try it out. They like it so I released it for all PHP/MySQL users. It's fully free to use.

In the past it could take me days to create a content management system. Now, usually takes a matter of hours. It's very easy to use.

Visit ... /index.php to start using this generator.

All the best, James Middleton
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Post by uzla »

If someone is looking at using PHP in the command line on Linux or Windows, then have a look at web site. There is everything about PHP CLI there.
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Post by RobertGonzalez »

I just ran across this post from Rheinhold Weber's blog. Very neat optimization techniques. Many have been discussed here, but some were new to me, including the strtr() function.

Anyway, enjoy.